Vincent Studies Course in Panama

[SIEV-Vincent studies course-John Prager CM]  Vincent studies course in 131 pages done in Panama. It countains systematic bibliographies of different themes in Vincentian studies.

The Drama of Tchengtingfou

[SIEV-The Drama of Tchengtingfou-Dom Gerardin] Very valuable account of what happened in Tchengtingfou 1937, the martyrdom of Mgr. Francis Schraven CM and other confreres.

Jean Baptist Chen Huanzhang CM

[SIEV-Confrater Chen Jean Baptist Huanzhang CM] Twenty-two pages of life story of Fr. Huanzhang CM is written in Dutch. He is one of the confreres who experienced the world Vincentian…

Confraters Kock CM

[SIEV-Confraters Kock CMs] There were three brothers from family Kock who became CM. Seven pages of overview of their life is in Dutch language.

Following Tracks of Confreres in China 3

[SIEV-Following tracks of confreres in China3-Wiel Bellemakers CM] This is an insightful writing (189 pages) of visiting the footprints of the missionary Dutch Vincentians in China from September 26 to…